Japan 2016

Family Trip to Japan
P1010457  In the Edmonton Maple Leaf Lounge waiting for our first flight P1010463  Cardboard bouqet of flowers that the Edmonton concierge left for his parents P1010492  Cheers to our first flight on a 787 Dreamliner P1010529  My Japanese meal on the flight to Tokyo
P1010548  Anniversary cake that we had ordered for Randy's parents P1010554  Gathered around having cake at 37,000 feet P1010560  Randy's aunts enjoying Premium Economy DSC 6756  Irugi Shrine
DSC 6764  Lanterns at Irugi Shrine DSC 6772  Cherry tree in bloom at Irugi Shrine Togoshi-Ginza shopping area Bonzai trees for sale
Various goods for sale in Togoshi-Giza Togoshi-Ginza shopping DSC 6787  Lil being overly excited about finding Skippy peanut butter DSC 6797  Fallen cherry blossos
DSC 6803  Cherry blossoms DSC 6816  Cherry blossoms DSC 6821  People having a picnic under the cherry blossoms DSC 6854  Covered shopping area
P1010621  Waiting for Matsuya Department store in Ginza to open P1010624  Grocery store inside Matsuya store P1010625  Some very expensive strawberries (price would be about $20) DSC 6861  Fancy nail clippers we bought at Matsuya
P1010628  Having lunch at the Sapporo Beer Hall P1010631  Huge flower bouquet in the Imperial Hotel P1010634  Food Festival across the street from the hotel P1010638  Machine to order food at the ramen restaurant
P1010643  Ginza at night P1010645  Tsukiji Fish Market (outer market) DSC 6876  Tsukiji Fish Market (inner market) DSC 6878  Tsukiji Fish Market (inner market)
P1010659  Cart full of fish heading to loading dock P1010660  One of the many electric carts that we had to avoid being run over by P1010670  Takeshita street in Harujuku P1010672  Takeshita Street sign with a blurry picture of us (look for my pink coat)
P1010683  Shibuya pedestrian crossing DSC 7827  Statue of Hachiko - faithful dog who waited for his master at the Shibuya station P1010690  Okonomiyaki at the Bic Camera restaurant P1010693  Harold and Lil on the train
Train bento  Bento box lunch on the train - one was teriyaki chicken and one was egg and rice Tokyo waffle  Some delicious waffle cookies P1010716  Nishiki Market P1010721  Having a teppanyaki meal
P1010719  My view of the teppanyaki grill P1010720  Some fresh grilled garlic chips P1010739  The chef putting on a show Randy steak meal  Randy's 7 course meal
Janet steak meal  My 5 course meal DSC 7840  Heian Shrine P1010761  Inner courtyard of Heian Shrine DSC 7855  Cherry blossoms at Heian Shrine
DSC 7853  Cherry blossoms DSC 7858  Garden at Heian Shrine DSC 7866  View of shrine from the garden DSC 7875  Stepping stones (that we weren't allowed to walk on) at Heian Shrine
DSC 7880  Randy next to the stepping stones DSC 7887  Stopping for some sweet green tea at Heian Shrine DSC 7898  Randy and his parents photo-bombing a Japanese group DSC 7923  Heian Shrine bridge
DSC 7931  Heian shrine DSC 7941  Beautiful colours at Heian Shrine P1010808  Janet at Heian Shrine P1010800  Heian Shrine
P1010811  Our view from the soba noodle restaurant Soba lunch  Our soba noodle lunch DSC 7959  Kiyomizudera DSC 7968  Looking down the Higashimaya shopping area from Kiyomizudera
DSC 7975  Randy at Kiyomizudera DSC 7978  Rainy day in Higashimaya P1010818  Janet at Kiyomizudera P1010819  View from Kiyomizudera overlooking Kyoto
P1010825  One of the many gals we saw dressed up in kimonos P1010827  Some Japanese chocolates P1010829  Smiling Buddha on Starbucks cup DSC 7984  Fushimi Inari Shrine
DSC 8000  Slow shutter speed picture to cause 'ghosting' effect P1010843  Fushimi Inari DSC 8060  Tori gates at Fushimi Inari DSC 8039  Tori gates at Fushimi Inar
DSC 8041  Randy with Tori gates DSC 8064  Small shrine with miniature Tori gates DSC 8074  Fox figurines at the shrine P1010862  Fushimi Inari
P1010853  Janet enjoying the Tori gates P1010872  Donut break at the Kyoto Train Station P1010880  With the Big Crab at Nishiki Market P1010882  Sushi at the Kyoto Train Station
DSC 8433  Nishijin Textile Center kimono fashion show DSC 8445  Nishijin Textile Center kimono fashion show DSC 8455  Nishijin Textile Center kimono fashion show P1010885  Crowds at Kinkakuji
P1010883  Us and many others at Kinkakuji DSC 8459  Kinkakuji DSC 8456  Kinkakuji DSC 8467  Kinkakuji
DSC 8488  Randy and Kinkakuji DSC 8499  Stopping for tea and cake at Kinkakuji DSC 8495  The tea and small cake at Kinkakuji Noodle lunch  Our ramen noodle lunch at Kyoto train station
DSC 8510  More pictures of the Tori gates DSC 8513  More Tori gates DSC 8534  Janet at Fushimi Inari P1010938  Saturday outing at Marayuma Park
DSC 8584  Janet at Yasaka Shrine DSC 8550  Randy at Yasaka Shrine DSC 8581  Lanterns at Yasaka Shrine DSC 8570  Janet at Yasaka Shrine
P1010941  Wedding ceremony at Yasaka Shrine P1010946  Gion district Chococro lunch  Lunch at Chococro Cafe P1010956  Streetcar at Arashimaya Station
DSC 8607  Randy in the Bamboo Grove DSC 8600  Bamboo Grove DSC 8594  Bamboo Grove DSC 8602  Bamboo Grove
P1010967  Soba noodles for lunch at Iwawo P1010971  River at Arashimaya P1010989  Randy feeding a monkey DSC 8671  Monkey on the roof
DSC 8670  Monkeys on the outside of the building being fed from the inside P1010999  View of Kyoto from Monkey Park DSC 8667  Monkeys DSC 8687  Another monkey on the roof
DSC 8638  Randy with a monkey P1020003  Janet with a monkey P1020031  Janet with some of the Kimono Forest at Arashimaya station P1020037  Having some green tea ice cream at Arashimaya
P1020062  Boy's day celebration display in Imperial Hotel P1020063  KitKat Chocolatory in Tokyo Train Station P1020069  Fancy KitKats that we bought P1020066  Creperie in Tokyo Station where we stopped to eat
P1020067  Randy being a goof in Ginza P1020070  A boot of beer (for Randy) and a mojito for me at the Ginza Sapporo Beer Hall P1020074  Basket of bread included in continental breakfast at Imperial Hotel DSC 8693  View of Tokyo Skytree from Metropolitan Government Building
DSC 8695  View from Metropolitan Government Building P1020084  Imperial Palace P1020085  Imperial Palace P1020087  Imperial Palace grounds
P1020088  Imperial Palace moat Sushizenmai lunch  Lunch at Sushizenmai P1020096  Gozabune Atakemaru dinner cruise P1020097  On the dinner cruise
P1020117  Entertainment on the dinner cruise P1020134  Posing with the entertainers on the dinner cruise P1020125  Bridge from dinner cruise DSC 9600  Fuji Shibazakura Festival
DSC 9525  Fuji Shibazakura Festival DSC 9617  Randy at Fuji Shibazakura Festival DSC 9547  Fuji Shibazakura Festival DSC 9596  Fuji Shibazakura Festival
DSC 9544  Fuji Shibazakura Festival DSC 9561  Fuji Shibazakura Festival DSC 9614  Janet at Fuji Shibazakura Festival P1020208  Some yummy food a the ANA lounge at Narita
P1020211  Randy on the 767 heading to Calgary YYC brunch meal  My brunch meal on the flight to Calgary