Niagara Falls and Toronto 2017

P1030437  Dad enjoying business class for the first time P1030458  Canada Day Weekend festivities at Toronto City Hall P1030459  Toronto City Hall P1030466  Janet & Randy at Toronto City Hall
P1030456  Having delicious ramen soup at Sansotei Ramen in Toronto P1030509  View from room - Sheraton on the Falls DSC 2794  View from room DSC 2806  View fom room
DSC 2802  View fom room P1030566  View fom room P1030470  Waiting in super long line to get onto Hornblower cruise P1030473  Waiting to get on the Hornblower cruise
P1030477  Ready to cruise to the Falls! P1030486  The American Falls P1030488  Horsehoe Falls P1030493  Horseshoe Falls
P1030504  View of both Falls P1030512  Hanging out near the Falls P1030514  Overlooking the Falls P1030517  Overlooking the Falls
P1030539  Journey Behind the Falls P1030531  Journey Behind the Falls P1030538  Dad & Janet at Journey Behind the Falls P1030561  Looking out one of the portals right behind the Falls
P1030559  Video of portal behind the Falls P1030576  Clifton Hill touristy area P1030571  Some free flights of beer compliments of the Sheraton on the Falls - Niagara Brewing Company P1030575  Liked it so much, got some more beer
P1030577  Free wine tasting in the hotel lobby DSC 2826  Nightime illumination of the Falls DSC 2839  Red, White & Blue for the 4th of July DSC 2849  Nightly Fireworks
DSC 2850  Nightly Fireworks DSC 2887  Nightly Fireworks P1030596  Having wine and food at Pondview Winery P1030607  Silversmith Brewery - which used to be an Anglican Church
P1030604  Silversmith Beer P1030613  At Rancourt Winery P1030616  Getting a little history of the Rancourt Winery P1030622  Rancourt Winery
P1030632  Jackson Triggs Winery P1030639  Tour of Jackson Triggs Winery P1030641  Tasting at Jackson Triggs Winery P1030643  Cask room at Jackson Triggs
P1030654  Baby grapes on the vine P1030659  Sparkling wine in a can at Between the Lines Winery DSC 2908  Fireworks on our second night DSC 2918  Fireworks on our second night
P1030677  Floral Clock - Niagara P1030683  Niagara-on-the-Lake P1030684  Lunch at Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club  (with view of the lake) P1030686  Having seafood sliders at Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club
P1030689  Wayne Gretzky Winery & Distillery P1030690  Wayne Gretzky Winery & Distillery P1030692  Having a beer with a view of the lake at Boxcar Social P1030697  View of CN Tower from the waterfront
P1030698  View of Blue Jays game from within the lounge of the Renaissance Hotel (where we are staying) P1030700  Takeout sushi for supper (from T-Sushi) DSC 2933  Early morning view from CN Tower DSC 2936  Taking in the view from the CN Tower
DSC 2947  Janet on the glass floor of the CN Tower DSC 2942  This is as close Dad would get to the glass floor DSC 2960  Hockey Hall of Fame DSC 2974  Hocky Hall of Fame Great Hall (with all the trophies)
DSC 2973  Dennis & Dad with the Stanley Cup P1030727  St. Lawrence Market P1030717  Peameal bacon sandwich at Paddington's Pump restaurant P1030718  Enjoying the peameal bacon sandwich
P1030736  Graffiti Alley P1030740  Graffiti Alley P1030743  Graffiti Alley P1030730  Pork shoulder goodness at Porchetta & Co
P1030744  The Healthy Butcher P1030747  Picture showing cuts of meat at the Healthy Butcher P1030750  Smoked ham at the Healthy Butcher P1030756  WVRST restaurant
P1030757  German sausages at WVRST P1030762  Randy waiting in line for Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake P1030765  Fresh cheesecakes out of the oven at Uncle Tetsu's P1030773  Inside St. Lawrence Market
P1030776  Kensington Market P1030777  Kensington Market P1030779  Interesting tree-car in Kensington P1030784  Blue Jays ball game at Rogers Centre
IMG 3004  Randy and Janet at the ball game P1030788  Dennis and Dad at the ball game P1030794  Tidying up the infield between innings P1030795  Cow sculptures in downtown Toronto
P1030798  Dad with a 2-cup milkshake at The Works Burger P1030799  Avocado and cheese burger (no bun) with poutine at The Works Burger P1030802  Weird dog fountain in downtown Toronto