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Introduction: Canadian Rockies Getaway

Introduction:  Canadian Rockies Getaway
Review:  Banff Moose Hotel and Suites
Review:  Jasper Inn and Suites

Due to COVID-19, the Canadian government still was recommending that Canadians should not travel outside the borders during the fall of 2020. So, for a little break, my husband decided to take a road trip to the nearby Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Where I live (Edmonton) is only a 4-hour drive to the Rocky Mountains, so I have been to Jasper and Banff many times. But, it is a beautiful place, and it is always nice to go back.

On this trip, we were staying at a couple hotels, so thought I could do some reviews to document what it was like to stay at these hotels during the pandemic. The hotel in Banff will be a new one for us, whereas the hotel in Jasper is one we have stayed at many times in the past.

Moose Hotel & Suites in Banff
Jasper Inn & Suites in Jasper